Play online with Joan Butts Bridge 

In the past, all Joan Butts Bridge members were actually registered with Sky Bridge Club and playing on the game on their website. From June 2017, we have implemented a new game standalone system on This new system allows us to incorporate more hands into our lessons, and offer exclusive content for Joan Butts Bridge members. 

IMPORTANT: While very similar to what you may be used to, this is a new game system. If you have not created a new account you will need to do so to play on this site or complete challenge hands. 

Creating a new account will not transfer, or cancel your old account

Having problems registering?  Click here to check our FAQ Page.

Your old Sky Bridge Club account will still work at You may cancel that account if you wish to only play via

Joan Butts Bridge Membership Levels



$15 per month

  • Play unlimited hands
  • Try exclusive Challenge Hands
  • Improve your bridge with all lessons from the  Joan Butts Online School of Bridge

Long Term Plans

Save by committing to a Gold Plan for six months or a year. No refunds are available.

  • Gold Six Months - $85 billed every six months (save $5)
  • Gold Annual Plan - $165 each year (pay for 11 months, receive 1 free)


$10 per month

  • Play unlimited hands
  • Access Free Example lesson
  • Try exclusive Challenge Hands 

This plan does NOT include access to the Online School of Bridge.



Free to register

  • Play one hand each day
  • Try exclusive Challenge Hands

This plan does NOT include access to the Online School of Bridge, or Unlimited Hands.

All memberships are billed in Australian dollars and include GST.