I'm Joan Butts, and I've been teaching bridge for 30 years. 

I teach at the Joan Butts Bridge Centre, and regularly travel to clubs throughout Australia, giving workshops. In my role as the Australian Bridge Federation's National Teaching Coordinator, I train teachers in simple, effective methods of presenting bridge to students. 

Below is a quick guide to what you're able to do on my website. From learning the basics, to playing practice hands, brushing up your skills or picking up a book to improve your play, you'll find everything here. Enjoy!


Joan Butts Bridge Royal Members can play unlimited bridge hands, compare contracts and scores with other players and access exclusive offers and perks.

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Once you’re a registered Joan Butts Bridge Member you can learn to play Bridge, or brush up your skills with my free online lessons.

Most lessons include a video and a specially designed hand so you can put what you learn into practice.  The lessons also match the material in my books, to help you learn the game faster.

However, if you would rather learn with in a more traditional setting, you can check where I’ll be teaching In Person Lessons next, or sign up for one of my Bridge Holidays



Joan Butts Bridge Members can always ask for advice on Sky Bridge Club, by simply posting a comment that includes the tag @joanbutts, or you can join the conversation on my Facebook Page.

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It doesn't take long to learn how to play Bridge, but it takes years to master. Browse through the available books to brush up your skills and learn more about modern techniques. 

The shop features my books and workbooks, and a selection of titles that are fantastic for beginners and teaching beginners how to play.