About Joan Butts

Joan Butts is a world class bridge player and teacher, who has represented Australia in world championships and taught thousands of bridge students around the world.

While she loves playing the game, Joan’s real passion is teaching bridge. Giving new players the simplest introduction to bridge is essential. Regardless of how far a student wants to go, Joan is dedicated to helping them get there.

Joan began playing at the age of 25. Her fascination for the game led her to start her own bridge club, which she operated for thirty years.

Joan’s dedication to bridge has played an enormous part in her professional life. She was the National Teaching Coordinator with the Australian Bridge Federation for 12 years, where she used her tertiary education and psychology qualifications to create a comprehensive Teacher Accreditation Programme. Joan has trained hundreds of bridge teachers across Australia in the methodology of teaching.

Bridge is the most popular card game in the world and has changed so much over the last few years. With Joan, it’s easy to learn. It’s an enjoyable game to play socially with friends, or competitively, both online and in person. There truly is something for everyone and, as Joan has seen time and time again, lifelong friendships are forged at the bridge table!

The Online School of Bridge

With the continuous growth of Joan’s community of both students and teachers, she saw the virtue of building an online school for interactive bridge lessons and games that could be accessed anywhere in the world.

In 2017, the Online School of Bridge was launched. It has been home to an enormous catalogue of carefully curated lessons, interactive hands, video reviews, student notes and quizzes. Here was a place where players could learn at their own pace, and move in the direction they chose, with Joan by their side.

Joan’s teaching methods in the Online School follow a spiral learning approach, which takes a small amount of the topic at first and builds on it later. This means that the courses and lessons guide people, from absolute beginners to experienced players, to improve their bridge skills in bite-sized, achievable activities. This style of learning sets Joan’s teaching apart. 

When you want to take a break from lessons and simply feel like practising your bridge skills, there are unlimited random hands you can play, where you compare your score with others who’ve played that hand. 

The Online School of Bridge grew rapidly with members from all around the world and, in 2023, it was time to update to a new learning platform with modern, intuitive features. With the development of online education programs in the last few years, we were able to select a wonderful state of the art platform which we have adapted to bridge. 

With our brand-new Online School, you can learn, play and even communicate with other players to really perfect your game.

The Joan Butts Bridge Team

On behalf of everyone at Joan Butts Bridge, we wish you all the best on your bridge journey and cannot wait to see you inside our Online School of Bridge.

Tom Butts, Operations and Accounts

Joan’s son Tom works tirelessly in the background of Joan Butts Bridge to keep everything running smoothly for our incredible community. He’s been an integral part of the growth of the Joan Butts Bridge business and has been at his mother’s side throughout. Tom’s 20-years’ experience as an entrepreneur in online business, digital technology and accounts make Joan and Tom the perfect team to deliver the very best overall experience.

Sophie Sonnenwirth, Marketing

If you’ve ever come along to one of Joan’s luxury bridge holidays, or joined us for our popular Live Online Lessons, it’s likely you will already know Sophie! Sophie has been working with entrepreneurs like Joan for many years to help ensure all the backend logistics run like clockwork.

Carmi Gari, Customer Support

Carmi is our superstar customer support liaison! When you email us for assistance, it will be Carmi who sends you a friendly reply. She will go to all lengths to make sure your questions are answered.

Danielle Bejr, Course and Membership Management

Every team needs an organiser who understands the technology, and Danielle makes this role look like a breeze! She works hard in the background to make everything run as seamlessly as possible so that you can enjoy playing bridge online.

My Recent Competitive Bridge Achievements

Below is a list of Joan's online and in-person achievements since returning to competitions in 2022

2022 Bridge Championship Titles

ABF Victor Champion Cup Mixed Pairs Winners

NSWBA State Mixed Pairs Champions

NSWBA State Mixed Teams Champions

ABF Gold Coast Rescue Open Swiss Pairs Winners

NSBC Falls Estate Mixed Teams Champions

National Events (Australian Bridge Federation)

 Open Swiss Pairs Gold Coast Rescue - 1st Place

 VCC Australian Mixed Pairs - 1st Place

Open Swiss teams Gold Coast Rescue - 2nd Place

Open Swiss Teams Gold Coast Rescue - 3rd Place

Australian Mixed Team playoffs – semi finalists

South Pacific Teams SFOB ABF Nationals, Canberra - Quarter Finalists

2023 Bridge Championship Titles

NSWBA State Mixed Pairs Champions

South Pacific Teams SFOB ABF Nationals, Canberra - Quarter Finalists

Ivy Dahler Swiss Pairs Gold Coast Congress - 3rd Place

2024 Bridge Championship Titles

Pairs Championship Final, 2024 Gold Coast Congress - 6th place (out of 1600 players)

NSW State Events (NSWBA)
  • State Mixed Teams - 1st Place
  • State Mixed Pairs - 1st Place
  • State Open Pairs - 2nd Place
  • State Swiss Pairs - 2nd Place
  • State Open Teams Final - 3rd Place

NSBC Events (North Shore Bridge Club)
  • Falls Estate Mixed Teams - 1st Place
  • Watermark Club Teams - 2nd Place
  • Morgan’s Swiss Pairs Championship - 2nd Place
  • Mixed BAM Teams - 3rd Place
  • Mixed Teams Championship - 3rd Place